About Us

FreeFly Yoga offers fun and dynamic forms of practice. With influences from Acro Yoga, Aerial Silk, Inversions and Arm Balances, Martial Arts, Gymnastics and many other interesting movements, FreeFly Yoga will challenge you physically and mentally. The philosophy in our classes comes from traditional yoga teachings and our values. FreeFly Yoga’s values include; Positivity, Courage, Fulfillment, Action, Consciousness and Connection. These qualities exist in each and every FreeFly Yoga class, workshop, retreat and event.

FreeFly is a term used in skydiving where a skydiver will fall to the earth in any body position other than the standard belly down. The variations in body positions create positions create challenge, improve awareness and are a lot of fun. Although different to the standard traditional skydiving it is of course still, in essence, skydiving. Just like our classes at FreeFly Yoga we will challenge you in various different ways and postures whilst still maintaining the essence of yoga philosophy and teaching

Each FreeFly Yoga Retreat is a chance for you to hang out with a bunch of your best friends that you have not met yet. Every retreat offers a journey into the mind with a series of exercises and thought-provoking questions to assist you in becoming the best version of you. Each day will involve a level of adventure combined with a specific asana sequence for you to master throughout the retreat duration.

FreeFly Yoga workshops can be modified and adjust to suit all levels of experience, ages, and embodiment. Specialising in Inversions, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Acro Yoga, Budokon and Arm balances. Keep an eye out for up coming workshops or contact us to book us to host one of your own.

Daniel Myers – FreeFly Yogi

Daniel is more than just a Yoga teacher, he is a fearless adventurer. His passion for adrenaline is evenly balanced by the calmness of meditation and yoga. Daniel would say, “It’s not about throwing myself out of a plane without a care for life, It’s about the ability to remain calm and peaceful in the heat of every moment”. Most people feel that the action sports and yoga are polar opposites but Daniel believes they have so much in common.

As a kid Daniel was always outside climbing trees, playing sports, riding his bike or just being outside with friends. This active lifestyle and love for fitness turned into years of martial arts including tae kwon do, boxing and kick boxing. As well as a passion for physical fitness Daniel also has a passion for board sports including surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding and snowboarding. After discovering yoga  in 2009, Daniel realised that all these things had one thing in common – awareness. Yoga not only enhanced his physical awareness, but also the awareness of breath, consciousness and focus. Daniel believes that all success in any field comes from a state of focus and presence.

Daniel is experienced in a range of different Yoga styles including Power Vinyasa, Alignment, Yin, ACROVINYASA, Budokon, SUP Yoga (stand-up paddleboard yoga), Partner Yoga and even Aerial Silk. He completed the 200hr teacher training course with Power Living in 2012 and since then has been teaching classes and workshops at studios and running retreats along the east coast of Australia, Bali and Fiji. 
Daniel’s yoga specialty would have to be arm balances and inversions so during Dan’s classes don’t be surprised to find yourself upside-down getting a fresh perspective on life.


Elena Korolkova

Elena has spent her life dancing all around the world. From a professional and competitive ballroom background Elena now continues to flow through life as an Acro Yoga Facilitator with Daniel, a pole dancing and burlesque performer and seeker of adventure.

You can find Elena assisting workshops, retreats and all things acro with Daniel.

Dan has a love and passion for life that words could only attempt to describe. He is an amazing teacher who will take you on an adventure, not only physically but also within the inner depths of your mind.

Lucy Millett

Yoga Teacher