Described as bad ass yoga and definitely not suited to those who are addicted to comfort.

Budokon is a powerful practice that includes Martial Arts and Yoga to help you realize a greater level of physical and mental strength. The style of movement encourages the practitioner to move consciously and purposefully to establish a deeper sense of awareness. This is a challenging practice for those who want to take their yoga asana a giant leap forward whilst progressing deeply in mindfulness meditation.

Budokon, which is Japanese for “the way of the warrior spirit,” began in 2000 as the brainchild of Cameron Shayne, a martial arts expert and yoga enthusiast. It is a circular, continuous transition practice with snake-like movements to create a whole body workout. The Martial arts and Yoga fusion is comparable to Thia Chi but in its own unique style. This practice is not a quick fix or exercise for the point of exercise. It is art in motion that when performed whole heartedly¬†becomes a moving meditation.

Makes you feel alive, motivated, moved and inspired!!

Kristy Carthew