Drift off with this unique weightlessness experience.

FreeFly Yoga Therapeutics includes gentle and assisted yoga therapy postures, relaxing and effortless acro posturesĀ and finishes with a light savasana massage. The private class begins with you indulging in detoxifying yoga postures to wash away any build up stress in your muscles. This is then followed by a tractable lengthening of your skeletal body through acro yoga therapeutics which is just like a flying Thai massage. To complete the relaxing journey you will be treated to a blissful savasana massage as you melt down into the floor. The revitalizing experience will leave you feeling relaxed, nurtured, and refreshed.

Daniel has a gift for creating and holding space; space to grow and heal, space to learn new things without fear of judgment or failure, and space to be the most vulnerable and empowered version of yourself.

Vivian Li