A combination of breath, posture, meditation and philosophy.

Each class will be intellectually sequenced to suit your level of experience and target the areas in your body that need strengthening lengthening and detoxifying. From complete beginner to Power Yogi you can enjoy a personally sequenced class to give you the tools you need to step into the new you.¬†FreeFly Yoga has a vast knowledge of yoga philosophy and this will be included in the practice at a level dependent on your level of interest. The way that the vinyasa class works is by partnering breath and posture so that each movement and pose flows into the next. The class begins with gentle movements to awaken the body and to lay the foundation needed for the postures to follow. During the peak of the class is where you will be experiencing physical and mental challenge suited to your level. With your anatomy in mind, each posture and even sequential flow can modified to best suit your mobility or even to take you deeper should your require more challenge. Though we instruct you verbally and physically with hands-on assisting, it is your breath that guides you through the practice nd you will be encouraged to maintain a steady rhythm. With the breathing techniques, you will expand your lung capacity, find a deeper level of focus and find the ability to remain calm in challenging postures. Guided meditation and mental space throughout the class helps you to learn from the practice, the teachings and from yourself¬†so that you can continue living your yoga practice long after the class has ended. FreeFly Yoga’s approach to yoga asana has a grounding and nurturing energy, however, you will at times find yourself floating, flowing, flying and finding a deeper connection with self.

Dan shares his love and knowledge of yoga wholeheartedly, couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to yoga.

Bexy Williams